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Lilly Allen store review : Lucy In Disguise

Hello my lovelies!
Not sure if any of you have been watching Lilly Allens : From Riches to Rags reality TV show/ documentary but I've been hooked! The show documents the trials and tribulations of Lilly Allen and sister Sarah in their bids to open up their own vintage store Lucy In Disguise.

The idea is that no matter the original price, you too can feel like a star for a day wearing pieces the average person may not afford you can rent for a fraction of the price
So me being the nosey little snoop I am went down to their Covent Garden store and was a mystery shopper for the day! Here's my review.

The store Location :
The store Is located on Kings street just off the busy Covent garden market.

The store is easily missed and doesn't look particularly promising from the outside. I expected much more glamour. If the attachment of Lilly Allens name and vintage high fashion hadn't already been associate prior to my visit I may not have been eager to go inside..

The store
However! The store it's self is beautifully designed with chandeliers and beautiful vintage mirrors the store is decorated to look like an old fashion vintage apartment

And ladies do not worry about your boyfriend getting bored whilst you have a browse! There's even a section for for the lads equipped with a flat screen TV, XBOX and an array of vintage play boy magazines.

The staff
Although there were four members of staff working on arrival I wasn't greeted by any of them, neither were the 7 customers who walked in after me. I wasn't approached by anyone in fact throughout my visit, until I picked up a few items to try on a young gentlemen kindly asked me if I'd like him to pop my picks in the fitting rooms whilst I wonder. Great customer service! But the rest of the staff seemed busy and uninterested in the customers. This isn't good considering the calibre and price of the collection. I also don't feel the staff were dressed in way of a high fashion vintage boutique, they looked alot more like staff from NewLook or TopShop.

... Moving on....

The stuff that dreams were made of! I can't lie Lilly Allen and sister Sarah hit the nail on the head with the brilliant vintage picks! I felt like I was on a set of sex and the city picking from the wardrobe of Sarah Jessica Parker.

They have sections for all the different decades, 40's, 50's 60's etc which makes it easy to shop. My favourite section would have to be the 80'S. They have some amazing jackets and if I had the time I'd have tried on all! Here were my favourite two.

Sadly this amazing jacket had no label but I loved it!!!! and finally

This the best of the best. My favourite piece in the whole store the vintage couture Moschino Military style jacket is beautiful. I love the gold embroidery and fringing on this.

Overall the collection is to die for with amazing items from Channel, Christian Dior, Moschino and much much more

From all over the world. The only issue is that not all the clothing is labelled and not all the pricing is clear. It wasn't clear to me whether the prices were to rent or buy either way fab fab fab clothing.
This store is NOT for the everyday person however not only are the clothes vintage and quirky they're not cheap and you need some deep pockets to shop here!

This was by FAR the best part of the whole store!
The vintage style sunglasses by channel the beautiful earrings and belts I'll shut up look for yourself

Amazing right?

The changing rooms were nice small but left you with enough space, with a small vintage style chair and chandelier. Simple but affective

and there is book section for vintage fashion magazines that you can buy

The store also sell its very own T-shirts and key chains.
I didn't visit the salon or the down stairs section of the store maybe that's a part 2. For a Tuesday afternoon the store was reasonably busy with 1 purchase being made whilst I was in there.

Overall I'd give the Store a 7/10 could have been a 10 if the staff were more attentive and pricing and labels were more understandable.

Hope my review was helpful! Have any of you guys been there?

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  1. I popped in there a few days ago and the staff looked really much so, I actually thought one of the girls was a mannequin! They did not approach myself or any of the other cusotmers in the shop. Disappointing level of customer service - they need to reconsider their staffing!