Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Tulisa N-Dubz New fragrance

Last year there was speculation that Tulisa Contrstavlos N-Dubz female singer would be releasing her own perfume, with no confirmation from herself or representation it was merely put down to rumour and the N-Dubz following carried on with their N-Dubz influenced lives. However A few days ago it was confirmed by the singer herself , who took to twitter , quoting “So its finally confirmed! I will b releasing my own fragrance! Its called the female boss, by tulisa,once its on u become the female boss haha”. the fragrance release date has not yet been confirmed. But goodness me! This means any tom, dick or harry can have a perfume? Perfumes to me should be luxury smells housed be reputable names leaving you with a feeling of femininity, beauty and desirableness.
My favourite perfumes to date are:
Coco Chanel - Mademoiselle
Vivienne Westwood - boudoir
Christian Dior J'adore

But hey now we can all smell like Tulisa :S. In my eyes Golden opportunity wasted, she should have named her first perfume something a little more classy. Something with a more grown women feel, maybe something with a greek twist. Then then ad campaign could have been latina like and sexy but instead it's titled 'The Female Boss'
Flippin eck!
Will you lot be buying?


  1. Yes i will be buying!

  2. Being a big fan of fragrances I always like to smell and try out new ones.