Monday, 25 April 2011

Sexy Hip Hop

Summer is almost here and the weather has been so amazing recently I always find myself sitting outside with a group of friends watching the sun go down listening to some of the sexiest inspiring Hip Hop tunes of all time. Summer to me always means sexy Hip Hop sneaking off into the park in the evening when everyone has gone indoors. Driving, windows down, no destination in mind cool summer breeze. Attraction. Passionate kisses. Holding hands all whilst playing these bangers!
Don't have too much fun in the sun guys lol here are some of my sexy summer favourites.

Pharrell- Frontin
"I'm ready to bet it all unless you don't care atall but you know I want cha , you should stop frontin babe"

J.Cole ft Drake - In The Morning
"you see my intentions wit' you is clear I'm learning not judge a woman by the shit that she wear therefore you shouldn't judge a n*gga off the shit that you hear"

Common - I want you
" I spent many years tryna be the heart throb, I guess it's only right that I got my heart robbed"

Kanye West - Flashing Lights
" I know it's been a while sweet heart we hardly talk I was doing my thang"

Slum Village - Selfish
"Maybe I'm selfish, I want you to myself I can't help it"


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