Saturday, 27 November 2010

Winter footwear.

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So winter is here, and the fashion changes dramatically. I hate feeling frumpy in winter or that I'm hiding my clothes under a huge coat in bid to keep myself warm!
Maybe that's where the saying "fashion over comfort" came from.
Anyway I thought I'd share with you my fave winter footwear so far for 2010.

So I am in LOVE with these boots, they are 100% suede, with stud detail around the fold. They're platformed, making the heel around 4 inches. They are perfect for everyday especially if you're small like me! I love these mostly because they are versatile. I can wear them in the evening or during the day with leggings. My advice would be if you re going to go for a boot with a platform and heels to wear a cropped coat. As these are higher than the average ankle boot a full length coat may make you look as if you have no shape definition!
Boots: £65 New Look.

I love the rugged, scruffy look that these DR Martins instantly create, but I see so many people not do them justice. I always wear mine with a fitted suit jacket or blazer with either tights or leg gins. They also compliment day dresses.
These were from top shop however if you're on a budget similar ones can be found from primark and new look from around £25. I never usually wear mine completely done up either. I usually loosen the laces and wear with the tongue slightly loose. However when wearing with a dress or going for a more cleaner look I recommend wearing like this!
Boots:£50 Top shop.

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