Saturday, 27 November 2010

M.A.C New Tartan Christmas Collection

It's Christmas time, the season to be jolly!
And you know what that means in land of beauty, CHRISTMAS COLLECTIONS.
I've decided to do a CHRISTMAS COLLECTION beauty special where I will blog the best of the best.My first stop was of course the house of M.A.C
M.A.CS Limited addition range is called 'A tartan tale' and YES we will get addicted then find out in January it's been discontinued :(
So today I popped into the M.A.C store and had a little look around.

The theme for this collection is very posh punk princess. The colours are very sweet yet naughty at the same time lots of flirtatious pinks.
The collection however is monstrous! With SO MUCH to choose from! So I won't talk you through all of it I just pick out three favourites and let you do the rest!

My first fav would have to be from the LIPS,EYES AND BRUSH BAGS
These are by FAR the best of the new collection I feel.
They have the cutest Scottish, tartan printed bags with either a set of
travel sized brushes, Lip Stick , Lip glass, and liner or a mash up of Eye Liner, Dazzle dust and fluid line! Ranging from £27.50 to £39.50

The 'Vain And Glorious' Lip Bag

This contains a flirtatious mix of 'Mellow Mood' Lipstick,'In Synch' Lip Pencil and a 'Baby Sparks' Dazzleglass. I LOVE THIS! It's so cute and girlie and instantly the colours are warming and pretty. These products can be use subtly for ever day use with just the Lipglass or for a night time look with all three creating kissable looks for almost any skin tone.
'Lady & her tricks, buff and line collection'
again from the Lips,Eyes and brushes sectionn
Everyone knows M.A.CS brush sets retail roughly around £20 - £30 so these convenient travel sized brushes are not only Good value for money but they come in sweetest travel bag!

as shown in the image above
it contains the the 168SE, 187SE, 209SE, 219SE and 252SE! Perfect for the flawless application of foundation blusher and fixing those smokey eyes!

My Scottish Fling
And finally one from the 'exclusive section'.. I think this might just be my overall favourite item ' My Scottish Fling'
I absolutely ADORE the packaging It comes in a tartan style tin pencil case with sections for each item.
Inside you will find a Pink Split Mineralize Eye Shadow, Fresco Rose Paint Pot, Budding Romance Lipglass and Zoomblack Zoom Lash mascara. I am in LOVE with pinks and flirtatious colour right now and think the split mineralize eye shadow would look great on nights out with black through the sockets creating a 'dream smokey eyed look'.

Although it's winter I am so excited that M.A.C aren't using the typical golds and browns to run through their collection. There are allot of sexy cute vibrant colours making me itch to buy it all. There is SO MUCH in this collection I'd never be able to blog it all justice. Get down to M.A.C fast and pick your faves from the collection. As with any limited addition stock it runs out fast!

Here are some of the looks you can create using ONLY the new collections products * so you don't need to buy any extras to replicate these stunning ideas*

Peace & M.A.C

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