Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Love Of My Life- Music

My last few posts have been rather judgemental and not too friendly or personal. So I wanted to post about a softer side of me. The Love Of My Life. It's my husband Mr Music.
When I was young I spent summers in New York understanding the craft and culture that was then Hip Hop. I say "was then because now the definition in my eyes has changed and now anything with a Hype Williams Video and a catchy hook can be considered has hip hop. I'd like to take you back to 1994.

Now before we even get to the lyrics. Lets start with the beat. I can't even use words to describe how this instrumental masterpiece makes me feel. If you close your eyes for long enough you're lost in the bass and the break downs. As for the poetry, I'm not sure beautiful would truly do this justice. To be able to describe and explain something you love in such an amazing way that flows with the incredible beat plays with my heart strings.

Influentially the one man who sealed my love for Hip Hop was the man behind the Keys. J.Dilla and his momentousness, his library of art he put together and named 'Donuts'

Now taking it back further than 1994, they say I'm an old soul. I disagree I'm young spirited however My knowledge of music and love for it is much broader than most would assume.
Ray Charles? My man. Many of the most popular songs of today have stemmed from his samples. The two most recognisable would be Kanye West 'Gold Digger'. Taken from the amazing ' I got a woman' and then of course Ludacris 'Georgia' taken from ' Georgia on my mind'.

And then I am a lover of that late 80's Early 90's soul. DAMN They don't make it like this anymore.

And of course I can't forget that legendary Motown music. The supremes, Marvin Gaye, Stevie wonder.

I really could be here for days!!!! But this type of music really shaped my ears for what I deem acceptable today. I would NEVER have enough time to talk about the way Jazz made me feel or the way Funk and Hip Hop changed me but here are a few of my favourite songs of all time ( So far) Enjoy.


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