Friday, 11 February 2011

Rihanna clearly "likes the way it hurts"

Hello my beauties!!
So... Rihanna dropped her restraining order she had against former boyfriend Chris Brown to a Level one.

This will now allow the pair to have contact, as long as Chris doesn't pest, bother, sexually harass or quite frankly piss her off. The restraining order that was previously set kept them both from calling, pinging, texting, e-mailing, seeing or even being within the same vicinity as one an other. This stopped both stars from attending the same award ceremonies because it limited the distance set out in the restraining order that the former lovers could be from each other. But two years after Chris slam dunked Rhi Rhi's head off the side walk, they have now been allowed to make contact.

The R&B heart throb faced an assault charge after he attacked his then girlfriend Rihanna before the Grammy Awards in 2009. He was ordered by the courts to attended domestic violence courses for a year, sentenced to five years of probation ( so please Chris for the love of god don't do it again) and six months of community service
So what do you lot think? Do you think he got let off to lightly or do you just think Rihanna is wanting some of that Chris Brown loving. Is this her way of saying she played a bigger part in this whole thing than she first let on?

Who knows???
They both have more money than sense anyway!

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