Saturday, 5 March 2011

Kim I'll pay them to NOT play your JAM

As a music lover, I thought it only right I comment on this appalling "song" by Kim Kardashian. The song titled Jam was Kim Kardashians first ever single ( I advise it's her last) and was premièred on Ryan Seacrest Saturday show. The song, produced by The Dream was said to be a one time project in which half the proceeds will be donated to charity.

Now, I don't know where to start.
I love Kim Kardashian to bits but this is just TRAGIC.The lyrics are shit, the production is SHIT, her voice is SHIT, the mix down and quality of the song is shit. It'S BASICALLY SHIT. Kim please stick to fashion, porn and just looking good. Because lets face it you can't sing. Why do models, porn stars and other female non entity's try and sing? This reminds me of the time Tyra Banks tried to sing, remember? EPIC FAIL shall I remind you?

goodness me for the LOVE of music and then there was Paris Hilton

Pretty girls who have made their living off of being pretty should just stick to doing so. We like you when you're just quiet or on reality TV making us laugh at you BUT leave the talent to the errrm talented people eh?

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