Sunday, 13 March 2011


it's 05:26am on a march Monday the 14th I'm currently listening to Amy Winehouse - Frank ( Album) in an over sized males T-Shirt... it still smells like him.
My exact mood?

I don't really believe in love. Well I thought I didn't. I believe in deep feeling. I Believe in lust, passion, hate and confusion. Love? Not so much. So what it is when you feel like you've never felt before and no one else comes close. No one else will do, no one else can make you feel the same..... yeah I dunno. I wasn't planning on making sense I just need to spill my thoughts out.

So yeah back to love, can't you just pick and choose when to feel it. Or must you feel it all the time? Can you fall out? What if the lovee doesn't feel the same way about the lover? Is it still love?

Does every girl want to fall in love secretly.
If you love someone can you hurt them?
... Can you pause love?

I like not knowing for now.
When I know, you'll know. I'm confused clearly but I said that was allowed?

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