Thursday, 17 March 2011

Stooshe - F*ck me

Wait, are they saying "fuck me"?
They most definitely are! New UK girl band Stooshe from South East London are doing us fashion forward, fun loving, sexy, straight talking females proud with their new single and video 'Fuck Me'. Yes I'm not joking the trio Courtney, Alexander and Karis have tackled the humours subject matter of the 5 minuet 'wam bam' with the opening line of " now girls what we gona call these guys who dont like it raw?..... pussy'oles" GENIUS! My kinda ladies! Any girls who wana combine fashion, sex and of course music together are definitely alright by me.

After watching the video I instantly wanted to put on my old TLC baggy jeans jump in the mirror with my pink MIC and start singing along. I'm in love with these girls! Not only do they have a great sense of fashion style which takes a unique Hip Hop twist on the vintage trend. They ACTUALLY have amazing voices.
Nice to have something different for a change. I'm behind these three 100%
So take it from me watch the video!!

"make me cum and I'll go, cause I won't need you no more"


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