Monday, 3 January 2011

Turn your swag OFF Cher

Cher Lloyd's tacky chav look has been scratching away at me for sometime now.
I must break my silence.
There is this whole new genre of female style which I LOVE.
It's like gangsta bitch meets fashion Pixie. I get it, I love it, I even embrace it but like with any trend originality and class is still key.
For example Jessie J.

Or even Rihanna.

... and Teyana Taylor never gets this sh*t wrong


Cher please SACK your stylist this is not hot you look like you've been playing dress up in Vicky Pollards wardrobe. This is not fashion or style and it's certainly not class.
Anyone recognise this hair style? Anyone?

Yes Hi Rihanna. Come on Cher we all see where you're tryna go here.
I feel like Cher is doing too much! There is just too much of everything I wana give her a good good good wash and just start again.
You are FORCING it. Please just be yourself whatever that is, but if you insist on trying to dress like a swagger pup then take note of the bitches above.


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